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13th Edition ~ 2/07/2008

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. . . just a small town in South Georgia that grew the best kids ever raised!!

Valentine’s Day is a time to remember the special people of our lives … special people like you!!!


Valentine's Day





When I started the Albany High Times website in 2002, the help I received from Tommy Pattison (’54) was critical to the viewing success of our website!! He spent hours scanning many of the photos you see … most of the snapshots, all the annual covers. (http://albanyhightimes.com/class_annuals.htm) and many of the Radium photos, and also many photos through the years from the Albany Herald.


This month he submitted Henry Duggin’s (’59) Jack and Jill Kindergarten photo, and Joanne Hall McKemie’s (’54) birthday party, both seen on (http://albanyhightimes.com/tiny-boppers.htm); a wonderful picture of Lamar Clifton (’46) and Morgan Murphy (’48) with their “Skywater” book about Radium Springs (http://albanyhightimes.com/skywater.htm); and the sobering picture of the three Alpha Tri-Hi-Y senior girls, … Mary Anne Scherle, Ann Walker and Julia Ann Hall, Class of 1947, who lost their lives in the Winecoff Hotel fire in 1946. (http://albanyhightimes.com/1940's.htm scroll down to the year 1947).


TAP, I could not have done it without you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!



~ NEWS!!! ~


Seen at Albany’s Blackbeard’s Gathering last month … an 1928 AHS graduate who was perhaps the oldest living graduate from AHS. Sorry, she prefers to remain anonymous (cute)!!! Others attending were the founders of the Blackbeard’s Gatherings, Bridges and Janice Chastain Simmons (’50) and Wynelle Davis Greenway (’50); also first-timer “Hambone” Hamilton (’52), Wilburn (’53) and Martha LeSueur (’56) Nicholson, Ernest Frazier (’55), Hugh Giles (’55), Leon (’56) and Wanda Perrett, Brinson and Gail Barlow Phillips (’54), Vivian Corbin Theel (’56), Jack Ivey (’56) and Angie Harrell, Carolyn and Harold Dean Cook (’53) and of course several other regulars.


50th Wedding Anniversaries …

1955 Featured This Month!!!


*** Glad to say on February 14, 2008, Valentine's Day, Roy & I will have been married 54 years, 6 months, and 4 days. Hope this one matters. It sure does to us. And, congratulations to all.

Roy (’55) & Dot Bridges (’56) Staines


***Pam (Tyler) Johnston (‘55) and Proctor Johnston (‘54) celebrated 51 years on
December 28, 2007. Pam & I were featured last year in the Albany Herald, in an article they were featuring unusual engagements. I mailed her engagement ring to her over at Auburn, where she was in school. I was in the Coast Guard, up in New Jersey. She left the dorm to go to the post office and when she came back she was wearing her ring and announced that she was engaged. Her sorority sisters did not believe her story!! Proc


***I just wanted to let you know Sybil and I will be married for 50 years on March 21, 2008. It sure has gone by in a flash. We have two sons and five grand children. My oldest grandson is in the Marines and is fixing to go to Pakistan. He has been to Iraq three times. (Prayers requested for all the troops). Thanks for everything you have done to keep us all connected. MAY GOD BLESS ALL.

Tommy (’55) & Sybil Bridges


***Sue and I will celebrate our 52nd anniversary February 11, 2008.
Walter (’55) and Sue Kendall (’55) Burnett


*** On January 29, 2008, we celebrated our 52nd anniversary. I can hardly believe it myself! The next day was Jerry's 75th birthday. He was discharged from the Air Force on the 28th, we married the 29th and his birthday is the 30th.

Jerry and Harriet Ort (’55) Cornelius


***Sidney Lee Davis (’55) Kimbrough and William (Bill) Kimbrough celebrated their 50th February 8, 2008. They are living in Douglasville, GA now with three children close around.


*** I think you have a great idea to feature all who have made the 50th milestone. Our children didn’t just send us on a cruise for our 50th, but they and their wives came with us. Two parents celebrating a very special occasion with their four children and wives was super time we will never forget.

(NOTE: My sincere apologies to this couple whose names were omitted)


***Jack Davis (’55) and Frances Shadburn (’56) Davis were married on August 18, 1956. Going for 52 this August! Thanks again. Jack


***Jeanette (McDaniel) Mixon (1957) and Bobby Mixon celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary Dec. 21, 1907.


***In The Albany Herald: Solon (Paul) Skandamis (1952) and wife (name not listed) were married fifty years on December 30, 2007. TAP


(Send your 50th anniversaries, plus, to albanyhightimes@aol.com




***Ben Allison, Class of 1955


***Tommy Webb, Class of 1955 – his father managed the Pig & Whistle in Albany and Macon


***Dovie Phillips Fordham, Class of 1955


*** I would like to post a notice of: Sara Beth Stewart Hackett, Class of 1949, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. She is the sister of Ann Stewart West, Class of ‘43; John Stewart, Class of ‘60; and Dioneca Stewart Denson, Class of 57. Sara died on January 8, 2008, in Lake Geneva.
Thanks, Dioneca


***William James Johnson, brother of Ray, Warren (’53), Johnny (’56) and Mariellen Johnson (’57) Bateman

***Joel Thomas Haley II, Class 1944


***Joe Nichols, Class 1943





*** Albany High Class of 1978 ***

… will have its 30th reunion on June 7, 2008 at Doublegate Country Club. The cost is $50.00 per person. There will be live music, food and a cash bar. The attire is dressy casual.

If you are interested in attending, or know of a classmate who might, please email us at ahswhs30reunion@yahoo.com. We will be sending the information to you real soon.

Contact: Rosalynn Duke Carswell



*** 1958 Fiftieth Reunion ***

April 25th - 26th, 2008

Contact: Linda Cullom Jordan



*** Forty-Fifth Reunion ***

April 25th - 26th, 2008

View webpage at: http://www.ahs1963.us

E-mail laddjordan@bellsouth.net or brucegarey@bellsouth.net


Are there additional upcoming reunions? If you have one, do you want to update your webpage – or does your class want one?



YOU ASKED … ? ? ?


? ~ Does anyone know whom our oldest living AHS graduate might be?

A ~ As far as we know, the oldest known living alum comes from the Class of 1928 – but she prefers to remain anonymous!!!


The oldest living graduate with an email address is Wilda Slappey Pryor, a 1932 AHS graduate and Albany Junior High English teacher. Wilda celebrated her 93rd birthday February 5, 2008. Her email address is: Pryor6885@comcast.net


? ~ I'm hoping you could post a question for me. I am trying to locate a cousin, Martha Sue McCrary. I think she may have been in the class of 1960 or around that time. She lived just south of Radium Springs on Radium Springs Road. If anyone has a clue as to her married name, that would be helpful.
Thanks, Gloria Williams Polis (1957)

A ~ If any of you can help Gloria, contact her at ottertwo@roadrunner.com, or respond to albanyhightimes@aol.com


? ~ Can you help? Below is the microscopic photo of a birthday party given for Joanne Hall McKemie. Some of the attendees have been identified. Can anyone identify others?

It has been posted on the Tiny-Boppers web page at: http://albanyhightimes.com/tiny-boppers.htm (you will be able to enlarge the picture and see the adorable guests on the website!!!)



Here are the identified attendees: Glenn Chapman, Barbara Easom, Sybil Jones, Otis Terry, Parmelee Ward, Patty Jones, Tommy Pattison, Diane Gortatowsky, Joanne Hall, Hope McKemie, Rachel Greer, Janice Bass, Cay Stokes, Shirley Carter, Leah Prisant, Mimi Holzendorf, Barbara Lipsey, Carleen Newell, Billie Jean Anderson, Harry Helton, Eve Adams, Marthola Hitchcock, Rosemary Ryan, Phyllis Lee, Sandra McKemie, Richard Cherry, Van Whaley and Wilbur Clifton.


NOTE: New Henry Duggin 1959 Jack and Jill Kindergarten photo also posted on the same webpage. Names will be posted if anyone wants to send names (in row order). Respond to albanyhightimes@aol.com


? ~ Chuck McCorvey (’55) and I have been trying for a year or more to come up with the name of our 4th grade teacher. We can recall all grades from 1 to 6 except the 4th. Could you please ask if anyone who was in our class at Flint Avenue School in the academic year 1946-1947 remembers? Here is what we remember for the other grades: 1st, Mrs. Gregory; 2nd, Mrs. Chaney; 3rd, Mrs. Holt; 4th _________ ?????; 5th, Mrs. Parker; 6th, Mrs. Mallette. Thanks, Bobby Mallard (’55)


A ~ If you can help Bobby or Chuck, please contact Bobby Mallard at rmallard3@cox.net, or respond to albanyhightimes@aol.com


? ~ Do you send The Albany High Times to subscribers? Is there a cost? Sorry don’t know much about this; I only stumbled across the newsletter when someone attached it to another email. Thanks!

Linda Edwards Wells, AHS Class of ‘62

A ~ There is absolutely no cost* for the Albany High Times and you subscribe just by allowing us to add your email address to your class group. *We are fortunate to have some wonderful sponsors each year!

? ~ What is the progress of Frank Orgel since his trip to Mexico for treatment?

A ~ Frank went to Mexico and took the stem cell treatment two week ago. The doctors tell him that he should be able to tell some difference in 3 or 4 weeks. He does not have to take pain pills as he did in the past and he looks better, does not seem to get as tired. Hopefully in the next month he should notice some changes in the movement of his left arm and leg. Just keep him on your prayer list. B.B. Rhodes (’52)






The above picture of Jack Ivey and his record setting fish was published in GA Outdoor News in the February edition.


From GA Outdoor News Magazine


At 70 years old, none of the shine has worn off the fun of going fishing for Jack Ivey of Leesburg. On Dec. 9, Jack and his girlfriend went to the north end of Blackshear crappie fishing. They put in at Campers Haven, hit the river and turned right. After motoring a short distance, they pulled into a left-hand bank to fish a hole 22 feet deep. Jack dropped a minnow to the bottom, then pulled it up 3 or 4 feet. When a big fish hit, Jack thought it was a bass. "When it came up and flashed, I thought it was a good bass," he said. "I had never seen a crappie that big." The fish was 17 1/2 inches long. Jack delivered the fish to WRD Fisheries Biologist John Kilpatrick who identified the fish as a black crappie and weighed it on certified scales. The fish weighed 3-lbs., 7.52-ozs. and becomes the new Lake Blackshear record. The previous Blackshear lake record black crappie weighed 3-lbs., 4-ozs.


Note: GA Outdoor News can be purchased places like Backwoods Outdoors and American Outdoors Adventure.



Tribe Notes …



(First a Correction!!!)

*** Thanks for including our anniversary in the news, but there was an error. You have my name and have me married to Robert. I know it was an honest mistake and really does not need to be corrected. I am sure that everyone who knows us will know that I am married to Howard. You have his name correct in part of it. Keep up the good work. I really enjoy getting this.

Also, there was an article about the Artic Bear. When I was in Junior High and even at the beginning of High School, my Mother worked there. I have fond memories of hanging out there and I loved their ice cream sandwiches. Good and fond memories!!!!!

JoAnn (Royal) Norfolk (’56)


***Many of you had wonderful things about my daughter’s part in the making of the Albany High Times … I forwarded them to her – she was most appreciative!

Beverly Smith Herrington (’55)


***I just read the beautiful post from Ben McKemie and was so touched. If he's not a writer, he should be. Pat Conroy has nothing on this guy. I tried to email him to thank him for his lovely words. Long story short, my ISP isn't allowing emails to wherever he was writing from. If you ever hear from him again, please let him know how much I appreciate his Radium remembrance and that I remember his parents fondly.

Lynne Garrison (’82) Johnson


***Dear Fellow AHS Grads, I had the funniest thing happen to me a few weeks ago. Having being raised in the great city of Albany and living in Mississippi for many years. I have our beloved distinct Southern accent. I now reside in Virginia and my two oldest sons are off at college and grad school, one in Michigan, and the other in Scotland. Someone from Michigan called our home and I answered. They told my son it was like getting Paula (Heirs) Dean (’65) on the phone. I laughed and told him that was a compliment since I had graduated from the same high school as Paula. My son in Scotland loves to have people call our house just to hear "Mom's South GA accent." It is so fun to watch Paula Dean's cooking shows and feel transported back to my days at AHS where everyone spoke good ole' South Georgian. Thanks for the AHS news. It's a blessing to stay connected wherever life leads us. ~ Lori Gold King-Class of 1982


*** Hi Guys – I followed the Artic Bear Picture link in Beverly's recent newsletter and came up with all this great info on Albany... thought you'd be interested. Naturally I'll be looking for a pic of Stems Restaurant as well as Igloo Girl... Annelle Stem (‘52) Griffin



*** Gordon (Stem, ’50) found a pic of Booger Seely - but no Stems Rest or Igloo Girl.


*** My move from Dahlonega, GA to Cotton, GA is almost complete. I have two granddaughters going to FSU. The old GATOR does not mind. They are getting a good education. If you see the name Sarah Hamilton in the sports pages, it will be my granddaughter who will be (fast) pitching or the Lady Seminoles (freshman this year). I might become a Gentleman Farmer. Best wishes to all the AHS folks.

Hambone (Cecil Hamilton – ’52)


***The story on Sissy Reames brought back many memories for me. She and my mother and sister (Dot Mock) were the best of friends. I was just a tag along with the group. I was "Little Harry". We used to get in the 1939 Studebaker and go anywhere there was something happening. There was always a lap for me to sit on. My dad loved to be with them. Dot was in the band so she got to ride on the bus. If Sissy was a cheerleader, she should have been on the bus, too. This must be after she got out of AHS. Sissy came close to getting Dot to attend the nursing school that she went to. Now, there is a sister we called "Little Sissy". She married "Rat" Rally and they had a daughter and a son. The last time I saw "Little Sissy" was one day I was jogging around Seventh and Eight Avenue while visiting my mother. This lady was getting out of her car on Eight Avenue, looked at me and said, Aren't you "Little Harry?" I had to stop and think for a minute, I had not been called that in many years. At that time I was 6'4" and 230 pounds. Well, as folks from Albany do, the two of us hugged one another right there in the middle of the street. I have seen "Big Sissy" a time or two but can't remember when. I guess I need to come back to Albany and go around a visit with ole friends. One thing I nearly forgot, both Sissy (Little and Big) could play a mean game of softball. When I was in the fourth grade, I had a classmate that lived next door to them and I would go over to his house and we would get up a game of ball. Those gals could "sho nuff" hit and field that ball. Thanks for the memories.

~ Harry (Henry) Helton (’52)


***I don't know if this would be an appropriate thing for you to print in the Albany High Times or not. Many students from Albany went on to Georgia Southwestern College in Americus. I have been calling Mrs. Ewing from time to time to check on Prof Ewing, one of the great instructors most of us will ever know, who taught at GSC. He had polio as a young man and wore a brace on his leg. Today I learned that he passed away on October 12th. (I hadn't talked with Mrs. Ewing since the end of September because my husband became ill on October 9th and passed away October 22nd). Anyway, if you think the news is worth printing, his name was Charles Ewing and he was 87.

~ Gloria Williams Pollis (1958)

***Thanks for sending out the info on our brother Bill. Bill was the oldest of my five siblings and is actually our half-brother. We loved him dearly. He was sixteen years my senior so none of my friends were even aware he was in the family as he was off in THE WAR by the time I was in kindergarten. My earliest memories of him are seeing him in his navy uniform when I was very young.


Also, I noticed on the website that Ruth Sasser Garrison (’57) requested an address for Sybil Hodges Boggs (’57). I sent her a message that the address is in our class directory and mailed a copy of our directory, as she did not attend the reunion in May.


What a pleasure reading about your lovely, bright, creative daughter. Thanks a heap to her for all the joy she brought into so many lives by giving birth to the AHS website. Thank her over and over for us.

~ Mariellen Johnson Bateman (’57)


*** Small world we live in. When my daughter, Sala lived in Avondale I would visit Ace Hardware to purchase a few odds and ends for her. One day a man waited on me and as we talked I mentioned Albany, Ga. Quickly he said I have brothers and a sister that live there. Ray, Warren and I grew up together at the YMCA and Ray and I were at FSU at the same time. I never knew they had a half brother until that moment. Sorry to hear of his passing.

~ B.B. Rhodes (’52)


*** I am Elaine Johnson, Johnny Johnson’s (’56) wife. Today Tom Williams (’57) called to extend his sympathy, and he said the notice was in the AHS website. I told Tom we missed your emails so much because I forgot to tell you our email address had changed.


*** (Regarding the Arctic Bear picture in the last News & Clues)


What a great nostalgia shot that was for me! Thanks. It brought back sights, sounds (and smells) of the day. In 1951, when it was taken, my dad and Mr. Ralph Allison owned the Purina Dealership that was 3 doors down on Oglethorpe, in one of those Quonset buildings.

During much of the school year (especially 5th grade, when I was across the street, at Highland) I went to the store after school, rather than take the school bus home out Old Pretoria Road. Most every afternoon, I'd try to slip down to the Arctic Bear for a small cone, while I was supposed to be cleaning out from under the "biddies in the brooders." Animal feeds combined with chicken "poop" is a scent that you never forget!

~ Johnny Boesch, '57 (but transferred out after freshman year).





***Take a trip down memory lane! Enjoy!!!! Take Me Back To The Sixties !!!



Martha LeSueur (’56) Nicholson

*** I think you will really like this collection of music, especially the songs from our high school days.


Also …. Take Me Back To The Fifties

Thomas Cook (’62)



Did You Know?


***Ralph Calhoun (1947) of Winston Salem, NC, recently won third place in a competition for a colorful collage on a five-foot square canvas, sponsored by the Hanes Family Corporation for their new offices. To see some of Ralph’s work and view his webpage, click here: http://albanyhightimes.com/ralph_e__calhoun.htm

*** The latest book from the techno-thriller pen of Chuck McCorvey, Sr. (1955)

The new book is entitled WRATH OF THE KAFFIRS. The word Kaffirs is an Arabic word used in the Koran (Qur'an) meaning infidels. The Sunni Muslims believe that anyone that is not a devout Sunni is an infidel, including the Shi'te Muslims. The al-Qaeda terrorists are Sunni.

Details about a major attack against America, just prior to the national elections on November 4, 2008, and the reactions to the attack by a small group of recently retired Delta Force operatives are the subject of the new book.

Have a good one.
Chuck McCorvey, Sr.




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